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This document presents you with the Terms and Conditions that govern your use of the Payment Platform. The Payment platform is a new payment service in its Beta phase, developed and owned by H3llo Pay Oy (later Service Provider). These Terms and Conditions constitute a legal agreement between you, the consumer, and us, H3llo Pay Oy..

Our company number is 3292703-8 and our registered address is at Konepajankatu 1, 00510 Helsinki, Finland.

It is important for us that you understand how the Payment Platform works and understand the terms and conditions. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@h3llo.com. We will be happy to assist.

If you do not agree with these Terms and Conditions, then you shall not use the H3llo Pay payment method.


Consumer: The end-user, or Consumer, that purchases a product or service from the Merchant.

Merchant: A company or person that sells its products or services to the Consumer.

Third Party: A company or business partner of H3llo Pay Oy, who is involved with the payment transaction.

Service: The payment service provided by H3llo Pay Oy.

Service Provider: H3llo Pay Oy acts as the Service Provider of the payment service.

Mobile payment: A payment made by using the mobile phone as a payment device, and where the purchase is added to the monthly phone bill.

Payment initiation: A payment where the user gives their consent for a third party to execute a payment via direct bank transfer from the users bank account.

Service contents

The Service is an online payment solution, allowing you to pay for products and/or services. When choosing our payment method you will be redirected to our payments site, where you can choose the suitable payment method. The available payment methods may vary according to Merchant, country and type of product and/or service that is being bought. After choosing the payment method you need to confirm the payment according to given instructions. The process of confirming depends on the chosen payment method and your payment provider. Upon successful payment you will receive a receipt in the form of a text message, and the Merchant will be notified of successful payment. 

The Service Provider strives to continuously develop the Service and has the right at any time to modify the Service and these Terms of Service. The Service Provider may collect additional information about you, such as your social security number, name, address.

Payment options and fees

When you use the Service, you will have the option to choose between different payment options available.

The payment options currently available through the Service is bank payment.

Bank payment

When initiating a payment (Payment Initiation Service) as a bank payment, you instruct us to carry out payment initiation services on your behalf from your personal online bank account.

There are no additional charges when initiating a payment transaction.

Information collected

By using the Service in order to make a payment, you acknowledge that information about you is collected from your online bank, through Strong Customer Authentication or from third parties, and processed by us in accordance with the Privacy Policy. By accepting our terms and conditions you also accept our privacy policy.

The customers rights and obligations

You declare that you are of legal age, legal holder of the payment device used in the payment transaction. You undertake to use the Service in accordance with laws, regulations, codes of conduct and rules of this website. It is strictly forbidden to abuse the Service.

You undertake to provide the Service Provider with the truthful personal data and other information necessary that is relevant when using the Service. You shall inform the Service Provider about changes that might be made in these particulars.

Unlawful use of the service

If You have provided information that is not your own or that you for some other reason was not authorized to provide, the Service Provider will consider it a misuse of the Service.

All information regarding misuse or suspected misuse of the Service, such as providing false or misleading information, is stored and may be used in future risk assessments. If the Service Provider detects misuse or suspected misuse of the Service, You might be denied the opportunity to use the Service in the future. The Service Provider reserves the right to take appropriate and necessary action to register and block payments in the event of suspected illegal activity, misuse of the Service or any other act or omission that may adversely affect the Service or cause harm to You, the Service Provider or a third party.

The Service Provider is to prevent use of the Service if there are reasonable grounds to suspect that the Service is used in violation of law, these Terms of Service or good manners in general.

You are also liable to pay the Service Provider for the damage caused by use in violation of the Terms of Service or law.

All payment transactions that are executed are considered to be made by the legal holder of the payment device.

Service providers liability

The Service Provider strives to offer a service of as high quality as possible and is responsible for the technical implementation and operation of the payment solutions.

The Service Provider is not liable for direct or indirect harm to You or third parties caused by disruptions or errors that may occur in the Service.

The Service Provider is not liable for interference in data communication, delay of messages, lost messages, error messages, etc., regardless of whether the interference is due to telephone operators, overloaded data communications, power failure, hardware failure, or other similar reason - this includes minor flaws in the systems usability. You are liable for any actions that you have done knowingly or unknowingly and the Service Provider disclaims all liability.

The Service Provider is not liable for damage caused by an Act of God, insurmountable barrier or similar reason.

The Service Provider is not liable for misinformation, damage, malfunction or disruption caused by the merchant’s site or the quality of the merchant’s services.

The Service Provider sells and delivers the payment services to the Merchant. The merchant is held accountable for the functionality of their service, solution and/or product.


Service content and appearance are copyrighted. The material of the Service may also include legally protected trademarks.

Ownership of the Service and all copyrights and other intellectual property rights relating to its content and software, belong to the Service Provider.

The Service Provider is not liable to maintain or return any material to you that you have sent to the Service Provider.

Complaints and notifications of delays, technical malfunction etc.

If you notice a malfunction in the service, please notify the Service Provider immediately.

Complaints, questions and notifications can be sent to the Service Provider by e-mail support@h3llo.com or by using our contact form. Please include your name, contact details (e-mail and phone number), and information about the complaint/incident. We aim to answer all e-mail within 24 hours during work days.

In case you are not satisfied with our way of handling the complaint, you may contact following instances:

FIN-FSA https://www.finanssivalvonta.fi/

The Consumer Disputes Board https://www.kuluttajariita.fi/

Applicable law

Finnish law is applied on these Terms of Use.

H3llo Pay Oy is an Authorized Payment Institution. H3llo Pay's license is granted by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN FSA) with the registration number 3292703-8.
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