How to protect yourself from online shopping scams

The revolution of online shopping scams

30.06.2023 klo 12:00-12:45 / MTV - Suomi Areena

Epidemics, energy crises, and economic uncertainties affecting society increase the trade of second-hand goods online and related crime. Trading in online marketplaces can be characterized as the wild west, where scammers run amok, and the serif's star is missing. Now is the time to discuss the problems of fraudulent trading and concrete solutions. How to oust online fraudsters and make peer-to-peer trading safer and more reliable?


  • Peter Nyman
  • Petri Roine / H3llo Pay
  • Jesse Salmi / Finansell Oy
  • Tapio Rantanen / Lounais-Suomen poliisilaitos
  • Riikka Rosendahl / Kilpailu- ja kuluttajavirasto

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